The most beautiful parts of the Ruhr-Area

The central location between Essen, Bochum, Dortmund and Wuppertal makes excursions throughout the Ruhr area easy. The attractive leisure activities, the proximity to musicals and the neighboring metropolises offer additional attractions for deciding on a stay in the Avantgarde Hotel.

Stay next to the Route “Industrial Culture”

Enjoy the flair of former times at the “Henrichshütte” or the other historical industrial monuments along the Route close by.

The “Ruhrtalradweg”

It is only a few minutes from the hotel to get to the cycling path along the Ruhr valley.

Recreational Centre and Castle “Kemnade”

A very popular place for excursions is the lake Kemnade and its moated castle.

Elfringhauser Schweiz

Hiking, cycling and getaways to the beautiful, hilly countryside of Hattingen will give you a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy nature.

The Historical Town Center of Hattingen

The medieval town center is internationally known and provides a lot of restaurants, bars and shops. It is within 12 minutes walking distance from the hotel, a must for every visitor.

The Railway Museum Bochum

Railway history to touch: The Bochum Railway Museum. It is the largest private railway museum in Germany.

The mining museum in Bochum

The mining-museum shows vividly how the Ruhr Area advanced with its so called “black gold”. The visitors can climb the winding tower, as well as go underground into the coal-mine.

The levitation train of Wuppertal

A famous landmark of Wuppertal is its hanging train, also not far from Hattingen. It is a lively monument of the Industrial Revolution and still in use.

Zollverein Essen

The mine “Zollverein” is world heritage and supposed to be “the most beautiful coal mine in the world”.

The “Mutten”-valley in Witten

In the Muttental, the first black coal was detected. The first mining of black coal began in 1510. All these historical places are within a few minutes driving distance by car or bicycle.

Starlight Express

Starlight Express is a fun and exciting musical. Guests visiting the “Starlight -Express” like to stay in the Avantgarde Hotel because it is so close.